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Our team is passionate about making patients smile. At Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. we provide superior dental care and exceptional service to every patient who walks through the door. Whether you’re visiting to fill the smallest cavity or you’re here for a full cosmetic makeover, we go above and beyond to make sure your visit is enjoyable. Don’t take our word for it. Read what our patients have to say!

Kym I.

I just love their practice. It’s a small-town practice. Everybody knows everybody. Well, I do, because I’ve been going there for so long, but I have three children. I actually had my second child in her little baby suit when we would go, and we just have continued on from there. My kids even come back from college to go to their appointment.

I came from Houston, so it’s very much more of a family dentistry practice. It’s not your cold, white office that you’re just waiting to see somebody that you really don’t know. You get to know them personally. You know your technicians personally, and it just makes for a much better experience since it is the dentist.

I do trust them. I know that I personally am just blown away by how they really look at your overall health, not just your oral health. What little reading I’ve done tells me that the bacteria in your mouth can spread to other parts of your body and cause a lot of problems for you. So I know that, especially in the last few years, they have really concentrated on trying to teach us that we really do need to take care of our mouth and our teeth, because it can affect our overall health.

They are cutting edge on that as well. They take your blood pressure, ask you about your medications. They’re looking for signs of disease and things that can be found in your mouth that I would have never even dreamed of before. I never would have known that, had they shared that with me.

I would say you’ll love them. You’ll go the first time, and you won’t go anywhere else, because you’ll get the care that you desire. You’ll be very pleased.

One thing that I really appreciate is they respect your time. You don’t sit out there for hours waiting, and they see you promptly, and if you have an emergency or if you have a reason that you need to get in to see them, they just work really hard to get you in as quickly as possible to take care of your needs. They’re always willing to go the extra mile.

Barbara L.

The technology that they use – at one time, I remember when they would touch your gums and call out numbers. Well, now whatever method they’re using, it automatically tells them to what degree that you may have a deficiency in a tooth or whatever. After we did my assessment, he said, “You need to get a root canal,” so I said, “Okay.” It went very smooth, and it’s so funny because Dr. Stuckey is the kind of person that if he thinks that you even flinch or something, he say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. He don’t know, a lot of times when I was flinching it was because he’s the first dentist that has ever been able to anesthetize me without really feeling pain, and that’s something else. Their updates and the way that they can make you feel so comfortable when they’re working on your mouth is just phenomenal.

They’re very good at making sure that they keep up with whatever your needs are and that your needs are met. My mom, unfortunately, it’s been a year now that she’s expired, but during the period I was going through several years with her, they call and ask you, “Can we do anything? How are you?” You know, it’s just a personable … and the work is good. I haven’t had to go back to have them to redo something that they started or whatever. I just highly recommend them to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, one of my co-workers is getting ready to make an appointment with him now because she said, “You come back smiling from the dentist, and that’s not normal.”

Willie W.

I was having pain. I was having a lot of pain, and sometimes I just couldn’t wait until the next day for Dr. Stuckey to get there so I could go in for him to give me some relief. I would some mornings go there before 7:00 and say, “Look, Doc, I am in pain.” He said, “Well, let’s just get on in here and see what we can do.” He would give me some temporary relief until I had a chance to go through the examination so they can exactly tell me what I needed to have.

I can certainly see the result after having a crown put on, to, I guess, to prevent from losing the tooth and to make my life so much easier – because it was miserable, but to make my life a lot better. And maybe to enjoy good food.

He always leave me with the understanding that if something bothering you, you let me know. Don’t hesitate. If this doesn’t do the job, you call me or you come back, and we will do something else. So this is saying to me that “I’m interested in you.”

In addition to that, as I indicated before, there have been a couple instances where I had to go early in the morning, and whatever he was doing, he just stopped doing what he was doing. He said, “Come on, let’s go in the office and we’ll take care of you and give you some temporary relief.”

That’s why I stay with, that’s why I stay with the providers – when they look at me as an individual.

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