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Nitrous oxide is a sedative that is commonly referred to as a laughing gas. It is a colorless, odorless gas that is administered alongside oxygen through a nasal mask. The patient inhales the sedative through the nose and will feel the onset of effects almost immediately. 

Nitrous oxide makes patients feel relaxed, euphoric, and giggly. It also reduces the sensation of pain and can cause sleepiness. However, because it is a conscious form of sedation, patients are fully aware of their surroundings, remaining both responsive and awake. 

Some patients may fall asleep but can easily be woken up. Patients are also likely to forget what happened during the appointment. If you’re interested in dental sedation, contact us at Patrick Stuckey, DDS to schedule a consultation with Ruston dentist Dr. Patrick Stuckey.

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benefits of

dental sedation

  • Relieve dental anxiety & pain - Sedation melts away worry, negative thoughts, and stress, leaving the patient feeling relaxed and at ease when normally they would feel anxiety.
  • Dental amnesia - Nitrous oxide has an amnesic effect on patients which causes them to forget the procedure. This is preferable for those with dental anxiety who would rather not remember the details and this helps reduce fear of appointments in the future.
  • Get more dental work in fewer appointments - Sedation also helps patients who suffer from a sensitive gag reflex, restlessness, and those who have very long appointments to be able to keep their mouth open for long periods.

Sedation helps encourage cooperation which enables the dentist to get more work done without the patient fidgeting, being uncomfortable, or worrying. This saves you time and money by getting more work done in a single appointment.

Is Dental sedation


Nitrous oxide is the safest and mildest sedative available in dental sedation. It is suitable for patients of all ages, even children. However, there is always some level of risk when you choose to undergo sedation. 

When you receive sedation from a certified, trained, and highly experienced dentist, you have nothing to worry about. We will review your medical history and any medications you are currently taking to determine if you are a good candidate.
We supply you with a steady flow of oxygen the entire time, monitor your vitals, and can adjust the concentration of the sedative, and flush it out of your system almost instantly. 

You should always tell us if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have any medical conditions. You should not receive nitrous oxide if you have a stuffy nose because you need to be able to breathe out of your nose.

Preparation &


To prepare for nitrous oxide, there isn’t much preparation necessary besides fasting for 2 hours leading up to your appointment. If your appointment is in the morning, eat a light breakfast like toast at least 2 hours before your appointment. This is to reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting.

Once your appointment is complete, we will flush your nasal mask with a steady flow of pure oxygen, removing any remnants of nitrous oxide from your body. Within a few short minutes, you will feel back to normal. Patients can typically drive themselves home because nitrous oxide does not cause lingering hangover effects. Drink plenty of liquids to avoid nausea. Contact us today to learn more!

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