What to Expect at an Emergency Dental Appointment

Did you know that about 36% of people in the United States have dental anxiety? About 12% of them are so scared that they avoid going to the dentist altogether, even when they are experiencing a dental emergency

One of the main reasons people avoid going to the dentist is that they are afraid that the treatment will be painful. This idea usually comes from the fact that most people don't know what to expect during a consultation, especially an emergency one, and come up with all sorts of scary scenarios. 

Knowledge is power and can help you get control over your fear. So, here's what you can expect during an emergency dental appointment. 

Emergency Dental Appointments: What to Expect

There are many ways a Ruston dentist can help you if you are going through dental pain and discomfort. But, if your problem is urgent, then you can expect your appointment to go something like this:

  • Examination 

First and foremost, the dentist needs to evaluate your condition and determine the cause of your emergency. Sometimes the cause of the pain can be obvious, but other times the dentist may need to run different tests, such as X-Rays to determine the problem. 

  • Manage Pain 

If you need emergency treatment because of debilitating pain, then the dentist will try to address that first before moving on with the treatment. If the treatment requires multiple sessions, then you will probably be prescribed pain medication at home too. 

  • Treatment 

Depending on the problem you are experiencing, the emergency dentist can help ease the pain, but you might need to book an additional appointment to start proper treatment. If you have an infection that needs a root canal, for example, the dentist may prescribe antibiotics first to treat the infection and only after that book your appointment to remove the decayed pulp. 

What Can An Emergency Dentist Treat? 

An emergency dentist will help you if you have:

  • A severe toothache 
  • An urgent tooth extraction 
  • A loose filling or crown
  • Dental infections 
  • Broken brackets 
  • A knocked out tooth

Keep in mind that an emergency dentist is just the first line of treatment. After you've controlled the urgent issues that are affecting your oral health, you need to continue with the treatment until you completely fix the problem. An emergency dentist can help you with urgent tooth extraction, for example, but after that, you need to start looking for restorative options, such as an implant. 

Dealing with a Dental Emergency? Call Us Right Now! 

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