Does My Dentist Know I Smoke Weed?

Your oral health can tell a lot about your habits. It can tell your Ruston dentist if you are a tobacco smoker, a coffee or red wine drinker or if you tend to skip flossing at night. 

But, can your dentist tell during your next appointment if you've been smoking weed simply by looking at your mouth? 

Will My Dentist Know If I Smoked Weed? 

The short answer is no, your dentist can't tell you've been smoking weed just by looking at your mouth. Only certain tests that your dentist doesn't have any need for can indicate if you've been consuming marijuana.

That said, smoking weed can affect your oral health. Studies have shown that frequent marijuana use has been associated with an increased risk of periodontal disease. Frequent consumption has also been shown to lead to dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, as well as teeth discoloration. 

However, marijuana isn't the only cause of these conditions. Tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, and even some medications can lead to some of these conditions, so your dentist won't be able to say for sure that weed is the main culprit. 

How Can Someone Tell I've Been Smoking Weed? 

As mentioned before, there are a few tests that could tell if there's marijuana concentration in your body. However, it's very improbable for your dentist to be ordering any of them as they aren't really connected to your oral health. 

These tests include urinalysis, hair tests, mouth swabbing, and blood tests. 

How to Smoke Marijuana Without Jeopardizing Your Oral Health 

In some instances, marijuana is needed for medical purposes, such as if you are going through chemotherapy or if you are experiencing post-surgery pain. If that's the case for you and you are worried about the effects it may have on your oral health, then know that there are ways you can enjoy the benefits of medicinal cannabis while protecting your teeth too.

  • Look for Alternatives to Smoking 

Cannabis can be consumed in various ways, not just through smoking. Try edibles, oils, tinctures, or vapes if you are worried about the effects of smoking weed on your oral health. 

  • Drink Plenty of Water After Consumption 

Marijuana tends to dry the mouth, so make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during and after use. This way, you can prevent dry mouth and keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

  • Be Careful About Your Oral Hygiene 

Maintain correct oral health. Brush your teeth two times a day and floss every night. Brush your teeth after smoking weed too to reduce the risks for tooth discoloration. 

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