Mary V.

I had gone to several dentists the first 40 years of my life, and they were less-than-pleasant experiences where I would dread going back. With that kind of a fear and all, I didn’t go back as often as I should. When I first went to Dr. Stuckey about 30 years ago, it was out of absolute necessity. The crowns I had to have because those teeth had gone bad … what I went to him first for was to have all of them pulled and get dentures. I was tired of fooling with it.

He talked me out of that, said that he could make things better, and he did, and I’m very, very glad that he talked me out of dentures. He’s very gentle, very patient. When you have to have extensive dental work done, it’s never fun, but compared to the dentists that I’d used the first 40 years, it was not a nightmare at all. It was as pleasant as it could be. I never feared coming back to see him for further appointments.

He was able to get me into optimal dental health, that the last several years, I have had no problems at all, I’ve just gone in for my cleanings, get a good report. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful experience.

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