Maddie C.

My favorite thing about going to the dentist is seeing Miss Connie, and one time they had my dentist appointment scheduled on January 16, which is my birthday, and she was about to change it, and I said no, because I like going to the dentist so much I went on my birthday one year. I always feel like I’m just part of the family and they’re all so kind to me. They have a TV up at the top, and Miss Connie normally puts it on what I like and then she cleans my teeth and I watch TV. If something was ever wrong with my teeth, then he wouldn’t be all mad at me. I feel like he would be really nice about it. He wouldn’t go all the Grinch on me.

Every time I go, I get a toothbrush. I get one of those things that you can flip upside down to a timer, and normally I’ll get a bracelet or something. I would say just because they’re all really nice and that place just gives off a good vibe because everybody that works there is always so kind and sweet and they’re never mean. They’re always nice and they always make you feel welcome.

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