Barbara L.

The technology that they use – at one time, I remember when they would touch your gums and call out numbers. Well, now whatever method they’re using, it automatically tells them to what degree that you may have a deficiency in a tooth or whatever. After we did my assessment, he said, “You need to get a root canal,” so I said, “Okay.” It went very smooth, and it’s so funny because Dr. Stuckey is the kind of person that if he thinks that you even flinch or something, he say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. He don’t know, a lot of times when I was flinching it was because he’s the first dentist that has ever been able to anesthetize me without really feeling pain, and that’s something else. Their updates and the way that they can make you feel so comfortable when they’re working on your mouth is just phenomenal.

They’re very good at making sure that they keep up with whatever your needs are and that your needs are met. My mom, unfortunately, it’s been a year now that she’s expired, but during the period I was going through several years with her, they call and ask you, “Can we do anything? How are you?” You know, it’s just a personable … and the work is good. I haven’t had to go back to have them to redo something that they started or whatever. I just highly recommend them to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, one of my co-workers is getting ready to make an appointment with him now because she said, “You come back smiling from the dentist, and that’s not normal.”

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